Haven South Yarra

Haven South Yarra is special because it seeks to support the most marginalised in our society. The Haven units will provide long term housing for people living with mental illness and in doing so; create a sense of permanency and a home for life.

Professor Allan Fels AO, signing the Building Contract for Haven South Yarra

The Haven Foundation's operating model is based on providing the following:

  • Housing which is decent, clean and permanent
  • Accommodation that includes flats with support services
  • Housing which is located in neighbourhoods which are safe and close to shopping, transportation, health and other amenities and services
  • A Tenant’s Assistant who works in mutual partnership with a tenant, as well as assessing and responding to individual needs within the context of the accommodation environment offered.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church

The Haven Foundation has entered into a 40 year lease with St Joseph’s Catholic Church securing access to 53 Fitzgerald Street, South Yarra to provide the accommodation. The 1,100m2 site currently consists of a disused convent building and has significant vacant land. The 14 one-bedroom units on the site were established by refurbishing the existing convent as well as constructing a two level apartment block on the rear portion of the land.

The Haven Foundation has a clear policy with regard to eligibility. Tenants must:

  • be able to live independently,
  • be eligible for public housing or housing associations (asset and income limitations),
  • have ongoing clinical support where required,
  • have linkages/connections to the area in which they seek housing.

The State Government of Victoria, Australia, Department of Human Services – Office of Housing provided $3million for reconstruction of the existing building.

The non-government Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services (PDRSS) sector is a core component of specialist mental health services complementing clinical mental health services. PDRSS are managed by non-government organisations and focus on addressing the impact of mental illness on a person’s daily activities and the social disadvantage resulting from illness. They work within a recovery and empowerment model to maximise people’s opportunities to live successfully in the community. The Department of Health has provided recurrent funding and appointed Prahran Mission as the PDRSS provider. The funding enables the Mission to employ support staff at the Haven units on a 24/7 basis.

Haven South Yarra

Haven South Yarra is conveniently located close to amenities and services in the  Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne, with proximity to Prahran Market, the Alfred Hospital and Prahran Mission (a leading Social Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre).

The Haven South Yarra units will facilitate community inclusion,family connectedness, healthy living, education and vocational outcomes for individuals. It will actively engage with and be inclusive of service providers, participants, family and carers in a collaborative undertaking which aims to bring about positive changes in individual lives.

For enquiries about The Haven Foundation Projects email info@havenfoundation.org.au